Welcome to Alphafence!

We are your reliable and experienced manufacturer specialized on the customized production of wildlife- and security fences. We deliver worldwide and give a 10 year guarantee on our certified products. Whether it’s the netting for bumpercars, or just a special size of a security panel needed – with our modern production we are able to produce almost every sizes of barbed wire, knotted mesh and security panels. Since our sales- and transport office is located directly next to the Asyaport in Tekirdag, we can grant fast international delivery including customs clearance.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you! We also speak German and Turkish 🙂

Mitarbeiter der Firma Alphafence

For orders, inquiries or questions about knotted mesh, welded mesh and six-twisted wire, please contact: ezel.bayraktar@alphafence.net

unser CEO der Firma Alphafence

If you need information about security panels, please contact: samuel.charles.hornik@alphafence.net

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